Mooney M20F Executive, G-CEJN, 8 August 2009

Mooney M20F Executive, G-CEJN


The flight was for the pilot/owner to verify the satisfactory operation of the landing gear system following the replacement and subsequent adjustment of a landing gear limit switch. After a successful test flight, during which the landing gear was cycled three times, the pilot returned to the departure airfield. A final landing check was carried out during which the pilot confirmed that the landing gear was DOWN AND LOCKED. A normal flare and touchdown on the mainwheels was carried out and the nosewheel gently lowered onto the runway. After a short period (a second or two) the propeller struck the runway, stopping the engine. The pilot noticed that neither the green landing gear DOWN AND LOCKED nor the amber IN TRANSIT lights were illuminated. The aircraft slid along the runway centreline on its lower fuselage for about 100 metres before swinging through 90º to the left and coming to rest. Examination of the aircraft revealed that the retention link, part number 53001-013, an item in the landing gear downlock system, had been fitted upside down.

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Published 10 December 2014