Mooney M20E, N7423V, 27 August 2008

Mooney M20E, N7423V


Old Sarum Airfield has a single grass runway oriented 06/24. The pilot made a normal, full flap approach to Runway 24; the reported wind at the time was 220° at 8 kt. He confirmed that three greens were showing and ATC reported that all three landing gear were visibly down. The touchdown was reportedly normal, except that it was well short of the normal aiming point. The nose gear collapsed during the landing roll and the aircraft slid to a halt with its nose on the ground. The pilot subsequently observed that with nearly full fuel tanks and two occupants having a combined weight of approximately 455lb, the aircraft was considerably heavier than on any previous landing he had carried out in it and the conditions constituted the lowest headwind in which he had landed the aircraft. No evidence was found of any pre-existing defect on the nose landing gear that could have caused it to collapse.

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Published 10 December 2014