Mickleburgh L107, G-BZVC, 9 June 2007

Mickleburgh L107, G-BZVC


After a normal touchdown on a short grass strip the pilot reported that he then became aware that he was going too fast. He decided to brake rather than go-around and moved his heels over the brake pedals. The pilot reported that either as a result of losing concentration or applying too much right brake, the aircraft veered to the right. He was not able to correct the turn in time to prevent the aircraft from running into the adjacent field with tall crops. The aircraft pitched nose down and then the propeller spinner dug into the ground, resulting in the aircraft turning upside down. The canopy had shattered but the pilot was unable to exit. After a few minutes the pilot’s son and a friend arrived at the scene and were able to lift the tail of the aircraft and help the pilot out. On reflection, the pilot believes that his landing speed was normal and that the illusion of high speed was caused by the closeness of the high crops. He stated that he should have ignored this distraction and concentrated on keeping the aircraft tracking straight.

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Published 10 December 2014