MCR-01 VLA Sportster, G-TOMX, 31 August 2009

MCR-01 VLA Sportster, G-TOMX


After a normal approach to Runway 09 with a 10 kt crosswind, of which the pilot was aware and had taken into account, the aircraft landed normally. However, when wheel brakes were applied it did not decelerate as expected and, after over-running the landing strip, the aircraft struck a hedge and came to rest. After evacuating the aircraft in the usual way, the pilot noted that the grass was both wet and unusually long. He attributed the accident to an inability of the long grass to disperse moisture and dry out as it would otherwise have done had it been shorter. Although reporting the temperature at the time as ‘unknown’, he commented that he… “may well have landed on a frozen lake”.

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Published 10 December 2014