MCR-01 ULC Banbi, G-NONE, 26 June 2005

MCR-01 ULC Banbi, G-NONE


The pilot was attempting to land at a grass airfield which consisted of a single grass runway which, at the time of the accident, had a tall crop of barley running along either side. The pilot estimated the wind for landing was from the north-east at between 10-20 kt, about forty degrees off the runway heading. The aircraft touched down on the centreline but then started to veer to the left, weather-cocking into the wind. Despite using full right rudder the pilot was unable to prevent the left wing tip clipping the barley crop on the left-hand edge of the runway which swung the aircraft left through about 100º, bringing it to rest just off the runway. The right main gear collapsed, damaging the right-hand flap as the wing hit the ground. However, the pilot and his passenger suffered no injury. The pilot assessed his inability to keep the aircraft straight was compounded by it being light on it’s nosewheel, which possibly resulted in the steering remaining in the straight-ahead locked position.

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Published 10 December 2014