Maule MX-7-180C Super Rocket, G-OMOL, 23 May 2009

Maule MX-7-180C Super Rocket, with floats, G-OMOL


When the aircraft was avoiding some heavy showers it encountered severe turbulence, windshear and rain which resulted in it descending. After selecting full power and holding 72 kt (best angle of climb speed) the aircraft continued to descend. As the terrain ahead was out climbing the aircraft the commander flew a forced landing into a dense coniferous forest that was about 1,400 ft amsl. After the initial impact the aircraft retarded slowly and rolled left as it descended. The aircraft came to rest on the forest floor after which the commander and the co-pilot vacated the aircraft after the fuel and electrics had been isolated. The co-pilot suffered mild bruising and the commander was uninjured. The commander subsequently contacted the person he was flying to meet on his mobile telephone and got assistance from him.

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Published 10 December 2014