Maule MX-7-180B Star Rocket, G-URUS, 11 November 2011

Maule MX-7-180B Star Rocket, G-URUS


The pilot, who was experienced in operating from grass strip airfields, was visiting Treborough Airfield for the first time. After overflying the airfield and assessing the surface wind as 200º at 10 kt, he flew a right-hand circuit to position the aircraft to land on Runway 25, which has a grass surface approximately 800 m in length and a slight upslope. During the landing the aircraft experienced a strong gust of wind from the left and the aircraft ground looped, coming to rest inverted. Despite sustaining mild concussion and a hand injury in the accident, the pilot was able to vacate the aircraft quickly, amid a strong smell of fuel. He considered that the primary contributory factor in the accident was the gusting crosswind, caused by the undulating terrain surrounding the airstrip.

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Published 10 December 2014