Maule MX-7-180, G-RAZZ, 21 June 2005

Maule MX-7-180, G-RAZZ


The pilot reported that G-RAZZ was lined up for takeoff on Runway 33, which is a grass runway, 357 m long. The surface was dry, the Outside Air Temperature (OAT) was 25ºC and by reference to a windsock, the pilot estimated the headwind as being 10 kt. Based on his experience of similar conditions, the pilot estimated that the takeoff was within the performance capabilities of the aircraft. During the takeoff the aircraft failed to reach sufficient height to clear a hedge at the departure end of the runway. The landing gear clipped the top of the hedge, causing the aircraft to come to rest upright, in a standing crop on the far side of a road beyond the hedge. The pilot and passengers were uninjured and were able to vacate the aircraft without difficulty. The pilot attributed the accident to an incorrect estimate of the wind strength, and the runway slope.

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Published 10 December 2014