Maule M5-235C Lunar Rocket, G-BVFT, 24 April 2010

Maule M5-235C Lunar Rocket, G-BVFT


The pilot reported that en route to his destination he listened to the ATIS for Gloucestershire Airport, 37 nm miles to the east, which reported a surface wind from 190° at 5 kt. The landing strip at Glanusk Park is grass, orientated approximately 110/290°. The pilot flew an approach in the north westerly direction; the approach was slightly high, and he side-slipped the aircraft to lose height. He reported that the approach had felt “fast” and that the landing was “long and fast”. As the aircraft approached the fence at the end of the strip the pilot retracted flap and applied power to go around. There was insufficient time to complete the correct short-field takeoff procedure and, despite a final attempt to lift off, the aircraft struck the fence and then a tree trunk, against which it came to a halt. The pilot attributed the accident to lack of recent flying experience, poor judgement of the wind (which locally was a strong tailwind), and a late decision to go around.

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Published 10 December 2014