Mainair Rapier, G-MZGL, 10 May 2008

Mainair Rapier, G-MZGL


This was the aircraft’s first flight following several months of storage. The pilot completed the pre-flight and power checks to his satisfaction and proceeded to take off from Runway 10 at Clotton. Weather conditions at the time were good, with a light, variable wind. Shortly after takeoff the rate of climb decreased and increased pressure on the throttle lever had little effect. The aircraft reached a height of between 30 to 50 ft before starting to descend and it subsequently collided with trees 150 metres beyond the end of the runway. The pilot, who was wearing a lap strap and a helmet, sustained minor injuries. Post-accident inspection of the engine revealed the presence of a greenish-grey deposit which was partially blocking one of the carburettor main jets. This appeared to be micro-bacterial in origin and had probably developed during the long period of storage.

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Published 10 December 2014