Mainair Blade, G-MZED, 22 September 2012

Mainair Blade, G-MZED


The pilot reports that his aircraft, a weight-shift microlight, was on a normal approach for Runway 01 (asphalt) at Eshott Airfield, following a Robinson R22 light helicopter in light winds. The approach was good, with the correct speed and approach angle, maintaining a constant distance from the helicopter ahead, until, crossing the threshold, G-MZED was “pulled from the sky” and impacted the ground at a high rate of descent. The aircraft bounced across the neighbouring grass runway and collided with a parked EV-97 Eurostar aircraft. Both occupants of G-MZED suffered injuries, were released from the wreckage by bystanders and taken to hospital by air ambulance.

The pilot considers that the accident was caused by the microlight’s encounter with the helicopter’s downwash and that he had not been aware of the likely severity of this effect.

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Mainair Blade G-MZED 02-13.pdf (176.66 kb)

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