Mainair Blade, G-MYTU, 29 May 2012

Mainair Blade, G-MYTU


The microlight was being flown on a training flight to practise visual circuits, with an instructor and student on board. The student occupied the front seat. The 345 m grass runway at the private airstrip was orientated 15/30, with the north-westerly direction in use. The surface wind was light and variable, mainly from the west to north-west, and visibility was good with no significant weather.

It was the fourth takeoff, and the microlight became airborne within half of the runway length. Just after becoming airborne, it drifted to the right and the wing struck adjacent standing crops. This caused the microlight to yaw rapidly to the right, damaging the right wing tip and landing gear. Only one blade of the propeller was damaged, which the pilot thought indicated that the engine was not producing full power when it struck the ground. Although damage to the microlight was significant, neither occupant (both of whom were wearing safety helmets) was injured.

The instructor thought that the student’s right foot had slipped off the throttle at a critical stage of takeoff. He had been unable to correct the situation in the short time before the microlight drifted and struck the crops.

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Published 10 December 2014