Mainair Blade, G-BZPZ, 8 June 2013

Mainair Blade, G-BZPZ


The microlight aircraft was engaged on a circuit training exercise when the accident occurred. The instructor reported that his student was flying a glide approach to the grass Runway 07 at Otherton, with a surface wind from 070° at 7 kt. The aircraft encountered an area of ‘sink’ shortly before touchdown, which could not be arrested despite the instructor taking control and applying full power. The aircraft landed heavily, collapsing the rear suspension leg and damaging the keel and seat frame. The instructor reduced power to idle and brought the aircraft to a stop in about 100 m; neither occupant was injured. The instructor noted that sink due to local topographical factors was not uncommon on the approach to Runway 07, but he had not been overly concerned on the day as the surface wind was only light.

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Published 10 December 2014