Lindstrand LBL 317A hot air balloon, G-CDHN, 9 August 2005

Lindstrand LBL 317A hot air balloon, G-CDHN


The balloon took off from a site 6 nm to the north-west of Launceston. It flew in a southerly direction down the east side of Bodmin Moor towards Liskeard at various altitudes. In the course of the flight the occupants of the balloon saw several military jet aircraft manoeuvring in the same area. After a flight of about one hour, the pilot selected a field to land in. In the latter stages of the approach to land the passengers were aware of a high ground speed and the pilot stated that the rate of descent suddenly increased to 600 fpm. The balloon made a hard landing and the basket started to slide across the ground. The balloon struck a number of obstructions during the ground slide and three passengers fell from the basket. One of these passengers and a crew member, who remained in the basket, were seriously injured.

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Published 10 December 2014