Lindstrand LBL 210A hot air balloon, G-BZDE, 16 April 2006

Lindstrand LBL 210A hot air balloon, G-BZDE


The hot air balloon carried one pilot and 10 passengers on an evening pleasure flight. After several attempts to find a suitable landing site, the pilot decided to land the balloon in a field containing high voltage power lines. The pilot was forced to climb to avoid a tree a short distance before the power lines, after which there was insufficient distance either to land safely or to guarantee clearing the power lines in a continued climb. The pilot therefore initiated a rapid descent, but the balloon envelope contacted the power lines whilst the basket was still airborne. The basket then sank to the ground, with no reported injuries to its occupants.

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Lindstrand LBL 210A hot air balloon, G-BZDE 11-06.pdf (456.28 kb)

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