Learjet 45, D-CNIK, 17 March 2006

Learjet 45, D-CNIK


The aircraft was being prepared for departure. The commander was at the rear of the cabin and the co-pilot was on the flight deck. The right engine was running in order to provide air conditioning for the cabin and electrical services. The engine power was inadvertently increased to 70% N1 and the aircraft moved forwards, unobserved by the co-pilot. Whilst moving forwards through the cabin, the commander fell from the open doorway. The outer part of the left wing struck a parked motor vehicle and the aircraft swung rapidly to the left, turning through 180º before coming to rest again against the side of the vehicle. The commander and a ramp handling agent were both struck by the aircraft and knocked to the ground. The commander was seriously injured. The correct procedure for starting an engine had not been observed.

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Published 10 December 2014