Laser Z200 (Modified), G-VILL, 31 May 2013

Laser Z200 (Modified), G-VILL


The aircraft was returning to Swanborough Farm Airstrip following about 30 minutes of aerobatic practice. On touching down on Runway 24, the aircraft immediately pitched forward, yawed to the right and cartwheeled before coming to rest only 30 yards from the touchdown point. The pilot evacuated the aircraft normally via the opening canopy and immediately saw that the right mainwheel was missing and that the landing gear leg had ‘dug in’ to the grass.

The missing wheel and brake assembly was found some considerable distance to the left of Runway 24. The pilot had taken off from Runway 06 and he was of the opinion that the distribution of the components showed that the wheel had departed on takeoff, although the presence of the wheel spat close to the touchdown point suggested that it had probably detached on landing.

On examination it was found that the threads of all four bolts securing the wheel and brake mechanism to the landing gear strut had stripped. At the time of preparation of this report, no reason for this condition has been established, although the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) has requested the parts for examination.

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Published 10 December 2014