Lancair 320, G-FOPP, 16 May 2012

Lancair 320, G-FOPP


The pilot had completed eight hours of dual instruction on the Lancair and was on his first solo flight in the aircraft. After completing about 55 minutes of high and low speed handling exercises, he returned to Henstridge. Runway 25 was in use, with a left-hand circuit. The pilot reported that the wind was from the south at an estimated 8 kt and the visibility was “perfect”.

Having joined overhead and descended dead side, he joined the circuit downwind and approached at 90 kt, with full flap. On touchdown the aircraft bounced and, in trying to retrieve the situation, he overcorrected and the aircraft then landed heavily on its nosewheel. After taxiing back to the hangar and shutting down he discovered that the propeller tips were badly damaged and the nosewheel fork was distorted.

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Lancair 320 G-FOPP 11-13.pdf (172.32 kb)

Published 10 December 2014