Kiss 400-582(1), G-CBMX, 31 August 2013

Kiss 400-582(1), G-CBMX


The pilot was flying to Harringe Court Farm Strip from Rochester, Kent. The weather was good with the wind from the north at about 5 kt. During the approach to Runway 01 the aircraft “encountered sink” just before it crossed a fence in the undershoot of the strip. The pilot applied full power in an attempt to reduce the descent but one or both of the aircraft’s main wheels struck the fence. The aircraft veered to the right and landed heavily beside the strip in a stubble field. The aircraft’s nose wheel dug in and the aircraft came to rest on its right side. The pilot was uninjured. He commented that had he aimed at a reference point further down the strip the aircraft would have “easily cleared the fence”.

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Published 10 December 2014