Jodel D9, G-BGFJ, 26 February 2007

Jodel D9, G-BGFJ


The flight was planned from Llanbedr to a private grass strip at Drain Farm, Trawsfynydd. On arrival in the area, the pilot set up for a long straight-in-approach to the northerly runway at an airspeed of 50 kt. He estimated the headwind was 7-8 kt. On final approach the pilot reduced the airspeed to around 40 kt. Just prior to touchdown, the rate of descent increased allowing the main landing gear wheels to contact soft, boggy ground in the runway undershoot area, approximately 15 m before the threshold. The wheels sank into the soft ground and the aircraft turned over, coming to rest in an inverted position. The pilot was uninjured. The strip at Drain Farm slopes uphill towards the northern end of the runway and the pilot wanted to ensure that the aircraft touched down as close as possible to the runway threshold. He also commented that the ground in the area of the threshold was very soft due to the recent rain.

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Published 10 December 2014