Jodel D18, G-JRKD, 13 December 2009

Jodel D18, G-JRKD


The purpose of the flight was for the PPL holder in the left seat to demonstrate his ability to fly the aircraft before flying unaccompanied; a flying instructor occupied the right seat. Both pilots had tailwheel flying experience. The weather was fine with a north-easterly wind between 5 and 8 kt. Following fast taxi practice and two aborted takeoffs, a circuit was flown to a successful landing. A second circuit was then flown and the instructor reported that the approach was stable, if very slightly gusty. The landing was “bumpy”, and to the right of the centreline. The pilot applied full power to go around, but the aircraft “leapt into the air at a very low airspeed”, drifting to the right. The right wing dropped and contacted the ground. The instructor reported that he intervened, but was only able to close the throttle and attempt to minimise the damage to the aircraft. The left wing then dropped and struck the ground, the left main landing gear collapsed, and the propeller struck the ground. He commented that the aircraft had been neither tracking straight, nor under full control when the power was applied to go around.

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Published 10 December 2014