Jodel D120A Paris-Nice, G-BICR, 29 August 2013

Jodel D120A Paris-Nice, G-BICR


G-BICR was positioned for a glide approach from the end of the downwind leg. It was trimmed to maintain the best glide speed of 55 kt until short final, when the speed was reduced to 50 kt. The flare for landing was reported as being normal but, immediately after touchdown, the aircraft “decelerated rapidly and, after 20 metres, the nose pitched down and the aircraft came to an abrupt halt skewed to the right”. Both pilots were uninjured and vacated the aircraft using the normal exits.

After landing, the right main wheel was found detached from the landing gear 5 m beyond the aircraft in the direction of landing. The pilot considered that, when the main wheel detached, the landing gear dug into the ground causing the rapid deceleration, right rotation and nose-down pitch.

Although not an engineer, the pilot reported seeing what he thought might have been a pre-existing crack in the weld between the landing gear leg and the axle.

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Published 10 December 2014