Jodel D120 Paris-Nice, G-BKAE, 16 September 2011

Jodel D120 Paris-Nice, G-BKAE


The pilot, who was also the owner of the aircraft, was being instructed by an instructor under the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) pilotage coaching scheme. During the previous 45 minute flight, earlier that day, the pilot had practiced circuit procedures but the instructor had carried out all of the takeoffs and landings. After boarding the aircraft on the accident flight, the instructor informed the pilot that he wanted him to carry out the takeoff; this was to be the pilots’ first attempt at this manoeuvre in a tailwheel aircraft. At the start of the takeoff, the pilot held the aircraft stationary with the brakes and applied approximately 2,000 rpm before releasing the wheelbrake pedals. As the aircraft began the takeoff run, it started to swing to the left and both pilots applied right rudder. This over-corrected for the swing and the aircraft yawing to the right through approximately 180º. The left wing contacted the runway and the undercarriage collapsed.

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Published 10 December 2014