Jodel D117A, G-AYHX, 30 May 2009

Jodel D117A, G-AYHX


The aircraft was landing on Runway 07 at Henstridge with a reported wind of 5-10 kt from a direction of 110°. Following a normal touchdown the pilot retarded the throttle and the aircraft rolled out initially along the runway. However, it then began to ‘weathercock’ into wind, the pilot applied left rudder but was unable to stop the aircraft continuing to turn and the left landing gear collapsed. The aircraft continued to slide, scraping the left wing and departed the runway before coming to rest on the grass. The pilot exited the aircraft without difficulty. He commented that this was his first landing of a tailwheel aircraft onto a concrete surface. It was a hot day and with little airflow over the rudder to provide control authority, he was not able to react quickly enough to prevent the ground loop.

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Published 10 December 2014