Jodel D117, G-BGTX, 29 June 2009

Jodel D117, G-BGTX


After taking off from Runway 09, at a height of 350 ft, the engine lost power and began to run roughly. Due to unsuitable terrain ahead, the pilot initiated a 180o turn to land back on Runway 27. During the turn the pilot applied carburettor heat and changed fuel tanks, but with no effect on the rough running engine. He made a downwind flapless landing but was unable to slow the aircraft significantly before reaching the boundary fence. The aircraft was, however, travelling with sufficient speed to allow the pilot to ‘hop’ over the fence, touching down in a fenced compound beyond. It was brought to a halt when it struck the fence on the opposite side of the compound. The pilot was uninjured. The cause of the loss of engine power has not been determined but the weather conditions for the day (temperature 24oC and a dew point of 17o C) were conducive to moderate carburettor icing at cruise power/serious icing descent power. The pilot commented that the pre-takeoff application of carburettor heat may have been insufficient to clear any carburettor ice that may have formed during taxiing.

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Published 10 December 2014