Jodel D117, G-ATIZ, 29 April 2009

Jodel D117, G-ATIZ


Having removed the aircraft from its hangar, the pilot carried out the external pre-flight inspection before entering the cockpit to continue his checks. The aircraft was not equipped with a parking brake and was not chocked. Having turned the fuel ON, set the magnetos ON, the mixture to fully rich and the throttle to just above the idle position, he recalled that he had omitted to turn the propeller through a number of turns, as was his usual practice, prior to starting the engine. He disembarked from the aircraft and proceeded to turn the propeller. On the third turn of the propeller the engine started and the aircraft started to move. The pilot attempted to restrain the aircraft by pushing against the leading edge of the left wing, but the aircraft turned to the left before setting off towards a hedge. The pilot attempted to enter the cockpit to stop the aircraft, but was unsuccessful. The aircraft struck the hedge and the engine stalled. The propeller, tailwheel and both wing leading edges were damaged but the pilot was uninjured. He considered that the accident had been a result of his haste to fly and failure to follow his checklist.

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Published 10 December 2014