Jodel D112, G-BIVB, 1 May 2005

Jodel D112, G-BIVB


The pilot was a member of a flying group. The group had recently acquired the aircraft and during the previous week the group members, including this pilot, had spent some time at Goodwood Airfield on familiarisation flights. The flights were conducted informally with another pilot, who was experienced on the type, flying with each group member until they felt that they were proficient. The group planned to operate the aircraft from a private grass strip which was measured by them at 330 metres (1,082 feet) in length and orientated 02/20. The pilot flew the aircraft from Goodwood to the strip and landed successfully on Runway 02 in calm wind conditions. Later in the afternoon the pilot decided to fly some circuits; the surface wind now slightly favoured Runway 20. The pilot was familiar with the strip and followed his usual circuit pattern. On final approach he made some corrections to his approach path and at about half a mile he was satisfied with the position of the aircraft. When he was some 50 to 75 metres short of the boundary hedge he realised that he was a little low and made a power correction. The aircraft has a throttle lever mounted on a quadrant on the left side wall of the fuselage but in making the adjustment he inadvertently moved the lever backwards thereby reducing power, instead of forwards as he had intended. By the time he recognised his mistake the aircraft was sinking and he was unable to clear the hedge. The wheels hit a low bank and the main body of the aircraft then passed through the hedge and stopped rapidly, having slewed around to the left, but remained upright. The pilot was wearing a four point harness and was able to exit the aircraft unassisted having suffered only minor injuries. The pilot later stated that the aircraft had less forward field of view when on approach than the previous type he had been flying. The group decided, subsequent to the accident, that in future type familiarisation training should be carried out in a more formal manner, probably with a flight instructor.

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Published 10 December 2014