Jodel D112, G-BEZZ, 14 July 2009

Jodel D112, G-BEZZ


The aircraft was on the downwind leg of the circuit, after a one hour flight, when smoke began to enter the cockpit, coupled with a strong smell of burning wood. The crew saw that a small hole in the cockpit floor had formed, approximately 30mm in diameter, between and just aft of the rudder pedals. The edges of the hole were glowing and sparks were entering the cockpit. A MAYDAY call was transmitted and the aircraft made an expeditious landing with the airfield Fire and Rescue Service in attendance. During the final approach, the amount of smoke generated reduced and by the time the aircraft had completed its ground roll, the glowing around the edge of the hole had ceased. A modification to the exhaust system, approved by the Light Aircraft Association (LAA), had been made to improve the silencing of the engine. The original exhaust system consisted of four stub pipes exhausting below the cowling. An inspection of the aircraft confirmed that a hole in the modified exhaust system had allowed hot gases to impinge on the lower fuselage, which had led to the eventual ‘burn through’ of the cockpit floor. There have been no other reported incidents of this nature resulting from this modification but the LAA will be reviewing the modification to determine if any changes are required.

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Published 10 December 2014