Jetstream 4100, G-MAJE, 11 January 2007

Jetstream 4100, G-MAJE


At about FL75 during the descent into Southampton Airport, the right engine ran down and the propeller speed reduced. The crew suspected that a double engine failure may have occurred and transmitted a MAYDAY call. Subsequently, the left engine was found to respond normally to power lever movements and the Mayday was downgraded to a Pan situation. The aircraft levelled at FL70 and the right engine restarted without crew intervention. Both engines continued to operate normally, the PAN was cancelled and an uneventful landing was made at Southampton. The aircraft was fitted with the original version of engine air intakes and had been flying in conditions conducive to ice accretion. A later version of intake, designed to minimise the risk of ice ingestion, is available but currently it is not mandated by the UK CAA for these to be fitted to the Jetstream 4100.

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Published 10 December 2014