Jabiru UL-450, G-ODGS, 18 July 2013

Jabiru UL-450, G-ODGS


The aircraft took off from Runway 27R, a 518 m grass runway. Immediately after lifting off, the engine started to misfire. The pilot concentrated on avoiding close-in obstacles and managed to climb the aircraft to a maximum height of about 300 ft agl. He made a radio call to notify the AFISO and was advised that Runway 20 (a 532 m grass runway) was available. With the engine continuing to misfire, the pilot flew an abbreviated approach to the runway. The aircraft arrived at the runway with excess speed and bounced on landing. The nose landing gear was torn from the aircraft, which came to rest on its main wheels and lower engine cowling.

The pilot, who was uninjured, reported that the aircraft had stood all day in warm, calm conditions (the temperature at Manchester International Airport reached a maximum 28°C that day). He suspected that vapour lock had occurred in the fuel system, disrupting the flow of fuel to the engine. A subsequent engine examination by a maintenance organisation revealed no abnormalities other than those attributable to the sudden engine stoppage which occurred when the propeller struck the ground on landing.

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Published 10 December 2014