Jabiru UL-450, G-JABZ, 2 June 2010

Jabiru UL-450, G-JABZ


The pilot arrived at Eshott airfield at 1330 hrs and checked the actual weather, confirming that it was the same as the forecast he had obtained earlier on the internet, ie sunny/cloudy with the wind westerly at 3 kt. At about 1400 hrs, he and his passenger took off from Runway 26 and flew a local sortie without incident. Preparing to land back at Eshott on Runway 26, the pilot selected 2nd stage flaps on the approach but as he was about to touchdown, what he describes as a “severe wind” lifted the right wing and the aircraft yawed to the left; he tried to correct the wing drop, but the aircraft stalled and crashed in a cornfield to the left of the runway, sustaining major damage. Despite the damage, the pilot and passenger exited the aircraft using the doors and were assisted by the farmer and other pilots. Neither had suffered injury.

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Published 10 December 2014