Jabiru SPL-450, G-BZST, 1 August 2013

Jabiru SPL-450, G-BZST


The pilot was flying a short leg from Exeter to Dunkeswell prior to a longer trip planned for the next day. On final approach to Runway 17 at Dunkeswell, he and his passenger noticed a fox crossing the runway ahead of them, something which the pilot says is not unusual for this airfield. However, the distraction caused him to round out too high and at too low an airspeed. The aircraft dropped heavily onto the runway but the pilot initially believed it had not been damaged.

He taxied towards the grass in front of the flying clubhouse and applied the brakes to allow another aircraft to vacate the space he intended to park in. Upon doing so, the nose dipped sharply and the propeller struck the grass, stopping the engine. Upon examination it was found that the nose landing gear suspension rubber bushes had burst and some were missing completely, whilst the propeller had lost about 6-7 mm from each tip and had a large split along its length.

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Published 10 December 2014