Jabiru SK, G-HINZ, 17 April 2011

Jabiru SK, G-HINZ


The pilot had just completed an aircraft familiarisation flight and was returning to Barton Airport, Runway 27. The weather was fine with a light variable wind. He reported that the approach was ‘quite normal’ at 250 ft aal but, while descending through 200 ft aal, airspeed reduced and he increased engine power. The aircraft then pitched up, down then up again before it ‘suddenly pitched down’, striking the ground. The nosewheel detached and the aircraft slid along the runway for 30-40 m. Both occupants were wearing lap and diagonal harnesses and were uninjured. After the accident, the ASI was tested and found to be reading correctly. The pilot was unable to identify a single cause of the accident.

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Jabiru SK, G-HINZ 09-11.pdf (211.60 kb)

Published 10 December 2014