Jabiru SK, G-BYNL, 22 April 2005

Jabiru SK, G-BYNL


The aircraft had undergone some routine engine maintenance and was being flown on a pre Permit to Fly airtest. An approach was made to Runway 22 at Wellcross Farm near Slimfold, West Sussex but due to grass cutting a go-around was carried out followed by a left hand circuit to land on Runway 04. The aircraft was high on the approach and despite maintaining the normal approach speed of 60 kt with full flap lowered, the aircraft touched down at about the mid point of the 450 metre grass runway. Maximum braking was applied and the aircraft skidded off the left side of the runway. The combination of a small tail wind component, a house at the end of the runway and a late touchdown had prompted the pilot to apply maximum braking. This had led to the skid and departure of the aircraft from the left runway edge

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Published 10 December 2014