Jabiru J430, G-RDCO, 23 May 2012

Jabiru J430, G-RDCO


The aircraft departed from Sleap Airfield in Shropshire for a flight to an airstrip at Binstead, on the Isle of Wight, with just the pilot on board. Fuel tanks were full on departure, to cater for a round trip without refuelling. The grass strip at Binstead was 400 m long and orientated north-south. The pilot had flown to the strip on three previous occasions, each time landing in a southerly direction. On this occasion, having obtained permission to land from the strip owner, the pilot was advised, before takeoff, that the northerly direction was preferable for landing, and that there was only a light surface wind of less than 5 kt.

On arrival at the airstrip, the pilot confirmed that the surface wind was light but was unable to confirm the wind direction as there was no wind sock or other means of assessing it. The approach to the airstrip was straightforward but the aircraft landed longer than the pilot intended and he was unable to stop it overrunning the end of the strip by about 10 m. The aircraft continued into a field of crop stubble, causing damage to its landing gear.

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Published 10 December 2014