AAIB investigation to Isaacs Fury II Fury, G-AYJY

Tipped onto its nose on landing at Exeter Airport, 12 April 2014.


The pilot was attempting to land on asphalt Runway 26 at Exeter after two previous aborted attempts. The control tower informed him that the wind was 10 kt from between 260º and 330º. Upon touchdown, with both mainwheels on the ground, the right wing started to rise as the pilot closed the throttle and so he applied power to go around. He did not maintain directional control and the aircraft veered to the right onto the grass. The left wheel dug into the grass, causing the aircraft to rotate about it as it pitched onto its nose. It came to rest with the right upper and left lower wing leading edges also in contact with the ground.

After shutting down the fuel and electrics, the pilot evacuated the aircraft. He stated that he felt that insufficient right aileron was applied on landing, leading to a loss of directional control.

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Isaacs Fury II Fury G-AYJY 08-14.pdf (134.07 kb)

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Published 10 December 2014