Ikarus C42 FB80, G-CDRO, 26 May 2013

Ikarus C42 FB80, G-CDRO


The aircraft was landing at Old Sarum Airfield following a flight from Popham. The weather conditions were fine, with a very light wind from the north-west. The pilot flew a normal approach to Runway 24 but the aircraft ‘ballooned’ in the flare, which the pilot attributed to him pulling the control column back too far. He attempted to recover the situation by applying a small amount of power to control the descent on to the runway. However, the aircraft made a heavy touch down and the left main landing gear collapsed, causing the aircraft to veer sharply to the left and off the grass runway. The pilot and his passenger, who were both wearing full harnesses, were uninjured. In his report, the pilot recognised that a go-around would have been the correct course of action.

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Ikarus C42 FB80 G-CDRO 08-13.pdf (87.38 kb)

Published 10 December 2014