Ikarus C42 FB100, G-FLYB, 7 April 2013

Ikarus C42 FB100, G-FLYB


The aircraft was landing at Perranporth Airfield following a flight from Old Sarum Airfield, near Salisbury. The weather was fine, with a surface wind from 150° at 15 kt. The pilot joined the circuit via the downwind position for Runway 09 and, as the wind was rather gusty with some turbulence, he elected to fly the approach with a reduced flap setting. On final approach, the aircraft was subject to a significant crosswind component, which necessitated a ‘wing down’ approach. When just above the ground, the aircraft stalled and struck the runway hard. The pilot attempted to fly a go-around, but the aircraft appeared to be caught by a gust of wind which caused it to roll and veer to the left. It struck the ground again adjacent to the runway threshold and came to rest, having sustained extensive damage. The pilot, who was uninjured, made the aircraft safe and vacated though his door. His passenger also vacated by his own door, and was treated locally by a paramedic for a cut to his head.

The pilot believed the loss of control and subsequent accident had been caused by strong, gusty wind conditions at the time of landing.

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Published 10 December 2014