Hunting Percival P56 T Provost Mk 51, G-BLIW, 16 September 2010

Hunting Percival P56 T Provost Mk 51, G-BLIW


Shortly after departure the engine started vibrating and the pilot could not control the propeller pitch angle. He initiated a forced landing back towards the airfield but overshot the end of the runway and touched down heavily in a field causing the landing gear to collapse. The pilot reported that, after landing, the propeller was found to be in the full coarse position while the propeller lever was set to full fine. The cause of the loss of propeller pitch control was not determined. He said that contributory factors to his overrunning the runway were the absence of a headwind and the reduced drag from the propeller being in coarse pitch rather than in fine pitch.

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Hunting Percival P56 T Provost Mk 51, G-BLIW 02-11.pdf (270.70 kb)

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