Gulfstream AA-5B Tiger, G-BJAJ, 2 June 2013

Gulfstream AA-5B Tiger, G-BJAJ


The aircraft had flown from Bishops Court in Northern Ireland and was joining the circuit, ‘right-hand, downwind to land’ at Mount Rule airfield, Isle of Man. The flight had been uneventful and the weather was good with a light and variable northerly wind, visibility in excess of 10 km and no cloud below 1,900 ft. The pilot had lowered full flap in preparation for a short field landing and, as the flaps were reaching the end of their travel, he sighted a large brown bird directly ahead of the aircraft. The airspeed had been reduced to 80 kt and the pilot elected not to take avoiding action, in order to prevent the possibility of departing from controlled flight. The bird struck the leading edge of the right wing near the stall warning sensor and then impacted the lowered flap. There were no handling difficulties and the pilot carried out a normal landing. The bird was seen at such a late stage that only violent avoiding action might have avoided the collision. Given the aircraft’s low airspeed and the limited damage, the pilot considered his actions had been correct.

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