Grumman AA-5B, G-BXTT, 1 April 2006

Grumman AA-5B, G-BXTT


The pilot had not flown for three months so he decided to carry out some circuits for practice. The weather conditions were clear with good visibility; the surface wind was from 250º at 15 kt. Runway 26 was in use at Tatenhill, this has an asphalt surface 700 m long and 28 m wide. Following a successful circuit and ‘touch and go’ the pilot carried out a second approach and landing. The aircraft bounced on touchdown once or twice, and then porpoised and ballooned. The pilot applied full power and attempted to go around. As he carried out the go around the aircraft banked to the left and descended towards a cultivated field to the left of the runway, where he then landed. The pilot was wearing a lap and shoulder strap and was not injured in the accident. Propeller strike marks were found on the runway surface during the subsequent inspection. It is possible that propeller damage sustained on landing affected the aircraft performance during the attempted go around.

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Published 10 December 2014