Grob G115E Tutor, G-BYUW, 8 December 2009

Grob G115E Tutor, G-BYUW


G-BYUM 8 December 2009 Bulletin 4/2010 Following an uneventful flight, the student pilot began a glide approach toward Runway 28 at Conington Airfield. The approach was normal, however when the aircraft touched down there was a noticeable airframe vibration. The instructor took control of the aircraft and applied full engine power in an attempt to go-around. As the aircraft pitched up it rolled to the right, the instructor applied left aileron to compensate; he later described the aircraft’s response as ‘sluggish’. The aircraft then rolled and yawed slowly to the left. It appeared to the instructor that the aircraft was not responding to control inputs, so he aborted the takeoff. The aircraft’s left wing then contacted the runway, followed by the left mainwheel and then the right mainwheel, before the aircraft departed the runway surface to the right and came to rest. There was no fire. The student pilot and instructor were uninjured and they were able to exit the aircraft normally. A subsequent examination of the aircraft did not reveal any pre-existing defects with the flying controls and the airframe vibration was determined to be due to nosewheel shimmy.

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Published 10 December 2014