Grob G115 D2, G-BVHF, 6 June 2005

Grob G115 D2, G-BVHF


On the approach to Runway 28 at Dundee, during a series of dual circuits, the student had control for the approach and landing. The weather was fine, there was good visibility and a wind of 300º/3 kt. The approach was flown at 65 kt and there was permission for a ‘touch and go’ from ATC. Approaching the threshold, the student aligned the aircraft with the runway, as instructed, and reduced power for landing. The aircraft then seemed to start a roll to the left whereupon the instructor took control and initiated flap retraction to the ‘takeoff’ position. The aircraft did not respond to his inputs and he made a forced landing on the grass to the left of the runway. The aircraft ran into the airfield boundary fence at an angle of about 45º and was severely damaged. There was no fire and no injury. There was no evidence of aircraft defect. It is likely that the instructor was late in taking control from the student and may not have applied rudder control effectively in the attempted go-around.

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Published 10 December 2014