Glasair RG, G-TRUK, 26 April 2005

Glasair RG, G-TRUK


The aircraft was conducting a PFA Annual Permit Renewal Flight Test after completion of repairs following a wheels up landing at Bembridge seven months previous After takeoff when the main landing gear was selected up, the pilot saw that the nose landing gear light remained green. The pilot asked Bembridge radio if his nose wheel had failed to retract; they reported that all of the landing gear appeared to be fully retracted. While positioning for a fly by so that ATC could take a closer look the pilot recycled the landing gear down and then up to see if the fault would clear. On doing so the nose gear remained green throughout and both main landing gears functioned correctly. The pilot then decided that there was little point in doing the fly by so he selected the landing gear down and on obtaining three greens said that he was returning to land. As he had indications of the landing gear being down and locked he did not use the emergency lowering system. The pilot asked Bembridge radio on turning finals and on short finals for a visual confirmation that his landing gear was down. On both occasions they confirmed it appeared to be down. A normal approach and touchdown was flown. On lowering the nose the pilot did not feel weight being taken by the nose gear. The nose continued to drop until the propeller struck the runway. The aircraft slid to a halt on its nose on the runway. There was no fire and the pilot vacated the aircraft uninjured. The resident Rescue and Fire Fighting Service were rapidly on the scene and were able to assist in the recovery of the aircraft. On examining the aircraft, the resident maintenance organisation found severe abrasion damage to the lower forward cowling and to the nose gear door and damage to the spinner, engine and propeller.

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Published 10 December 2014