Gemini Flash IIA, G-MWZC, 1 May 2009

Gemini Flash IIA, G-MWZC


The flight was planned from Otherton, Staffordshire to Chirk which has two grass runways 01/19 and 15/33. Runway 01/19 is bounded at its eastern edge by a row of trees which run parallel to it. The runways are not marked and there are also ground tracks 3 m wide. The weather was good with a wind from a direction of 210º at 10-15 kt. The pilot reported that the wind had increased while en-route and on approach he had difficulty in maintaining the centreline of Runway 19. He continued the approach but was distracted as he inspected the surface of the runway. At about 50 ft the pilot reported that he felt a movement to the left and suddenly his view was obscured by the trees. He attempted to climb the aircraft; however it struck the trees in a level attitude. There was a power line running through the tress which he thought may have assisted in breaking the aircraft’s fall. He subsequently considered that he had made insufficient allowance for the wind effects and that, given the obstacles, an earlier go-around decision should have been made.

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Published 10 December 2014