Gemini Flash IIA, G-MTVJ, 27 May 2011

Gemini Flash IIA, G-MTVJ


At Netherthorpe Aerodrome the forecast wind was 15 kt from the north and the pilot recalled that his takeoff from Runway 24 was uneventful. After a training flight, he returned to Netherthorpe and began an approach to the same runway. He reported that the conditions had deteriorated and that the windsock indicated gusts from a variable direction. Conscious of the crosswind limit of the aircraft as being 10 mph (8.7 kt), he continued the approach to Runway 24 with the intention of making a right turn as the aircraft approached the intersection with Runway 36, to land more into the wind. During the approach, the pilot recalled encountering increasing turbulence and, when approaching 100 ft aal, noticed an increase in airspeed and rate of descent. At 40 ft aal, this descent rate increased further and the pilot decided to go around and applied full power. However, the aircraft continued to descend and touched down heavily, causing damage to the keel and front strut. Both occupants, who were wearing lap and diagonal harnesses and protective helmets, were uninjured. The pilot considered that the aircraft had been affected by rotary airflow in the lee of nearby trees and buildings.

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Published 10 December 2014