Gemini Flash IIA, G-MTTW, 11 November 2012

Gemini Flash IIA, G-MTTW


After a 30-minute checkout with his instructor, the student was despatched for a solo local flight. After being airborne for about 30 minutes, the student rejoined the circuit to land. The instructor, watching from the ground, saw the aircraft round out “perfectly” but, as the wheels touched down, the aircraft veered violently to the left and flipped onto its right side. The student was airlifted to hospital as a precaution but was released later that afternoon.

The student admitted that he forgot to check, as he had been instructed to do, that the nosewheel steering was straight whilst on the downwind leg and final approach. The instructor, who described his student as “very able and competent”, attributes the omission to a momentary lapse of concentration by the student.

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Published 10 December 2014