Gardan GY80-160 Horizon, G-ASZS, 14 August 2013

Gardan GY80-160 Horizon, G-ASZS


The pilot was flying from Wellesbourne Airfield to Leicester Airport in good weather with a light wind. He had received prior permission from Leicester Airport indicating Runway 28 in use, which had a Landing Distance Available (LDA) of 935 m. Upon arrival in the circuit, he was advised that Runway 22 was in use which is considerably shorter with an LDA of 490 m. Realising this difference, the pilot reported that landing “would be a real challenge”. He reported that concentrating on the approach then caused him to forget the downwind checks. These included checking that the landing gear and flaps were extended.

The aircraft touched down on Runway 22 with the landing gear and flaps up and slid to a halt in a ploughed field at the end of the runway. The pilot, who was wearing a lap and diagonal harness, was uninjured. He indicated that the landing gear warning horn (which is designed to operate when the gear is up and engine rpm is less than 1,700 rpm) failed to operate, probably due to a tripped circuit breaker.

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Published 10 December 2014