Fournier RF4D, G-AVKD, 23 August 2012

Fournier RF4D, G-AVKD


The aircraft’s landing gear warning horn, designed to sound when airbrakes were used with the landing gear not locked down, tested satisfactorily during a pre-flight test. Before landing, the pilot lowered the landing gear in the normal manner by pulling the landing gear latch lever, which locked the single main wheel in either the up or down position, freeing the selector lever which was then put to the down detent. The warning horn did not sound when he deployed the airbrakes briefly during the approach. The aircraft landed normally on the grass landing area, but after a short ground roll the landing gear collapsed, causing damage to the propeller when it struck the ground.

The aircraft was lifted and the landing gear lowered and locked. After a visual check, the aircraft was lowered onto the landing gear and wheeled to a hangar. In his report, the pilot observed that the landing gear latch lever, which was not visible in flight, may have been worn such the main wheel was not locked, but that the warning horn had not indicated the unsafe condition.

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Fournier RF4D G-AVKD 11-12.pdf (219.06 kb)

Published 10 December 2014