Folland Gnat T Mk 1, G-BVPP, 17 September 2004

Folland Gnat T Mk 1, G-BVPP


Whilst approaching the circuit to land at North Weald Airfield, the engine lost power. As the pilot considered that the aircraft had insufficient energy to complete the turn on to final approach, he elected not to order an ejection and landed the aircraft wheels up in a partially ploughed field, approximately one nautical mile to the north-west of the airfield. With a landing speed of approximately 160 kt and approximately 800 lbs of fuel on board, the aircraft touched town, bounced and then slid to a halt with minimal damage. There was no fire and both occupants made their escape unaided. No definitive technical cause could be established for the loss of power but it was considered likely that a restriction in the fuel supply to the engine had occurred late into the flight.

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Published 10 December 2014